Who We Are

Girls and young women have more opportunities for educational and professional advancement than ever before, yet they’re not all equipped with the tools to seize those opportunities. Some grow up in tough neighborhoods, others don’t have much money, and a college degree may seem like a pipe dream. Participation in sports can change all of this, breaking down the roadblocks to success, and providing girls with essential life skills like discipline, passion, pride, sportsmanship and the ability to lead a team.

Founded in 2001 by Nona Lee, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Arizona Diamondbacks, The Phoenix Women’s Sports Association (PWSA) is a non-profit organization that helps girls and women find their power through sports. We reach out to underserved girls and women, providing them with opportunities to reach their greatest potential by building confidence and self-esteem through participation in sports and fitness activities.

PWSA Board Members. Back Row (Left to Right): Stephanie Miller, Lisa Paulos, Stephanie Jensen, Cody Morales, Christian Fuller, and Cass Anderson. Front Row (Left to Right): Colltey Sheldon, Erika Martinez, and Cassandra Switalski

2019 Board of Directors

– Nona Lee, Arizona Diamondbacks

Erika Mach, Valle del Sol

Vice President
– Stephanie Jensen, PetSmart Charities

– Emily Denes, BGC of the Valley

– Christian Fuller, Clear Channel Outdoor